“The X-Files – My Struggle” Mini Thoughts

It’s been nearly fourteen years since The X-Files has went off the air and nearly eight since the last movie, I Want To Believe, was shown in theaters. After all this time The X-Files is back for a limited engagement. I was a fan way back in the day and when the news broke there was going to be a new miniseries I was excited and scared at the same time. Like many I was disappointed by the lack of closure that the original series provided. I Want To Believe was a decent movie, but since it was a standalone film it didn’t answer any of the lingering questions.

But now the series is back and will we get any answers to those lingering questions? Honestly I’m not holding my breath but let’s go in anyways. For those of you who haven’t seen the episode yet I will be going full spoilers on this. Note that this will be incomplete because I haven’t seen the full episode due to football running over and eating up over a third of my DVR recording. Also I’m going off stream of consciousness so I may get a few things wrong here and then. I’ll post a better review after I watch the whole thing.

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