“The X-Files – My Struggle” Mini Thoughts

It’s been nearly fourteen years since The X-Files has went off the air and nearly eight since the last movie, I Want To Believe, was shown in theaters. After all this time The X-Files is back for a limited engagement. I was a fan way back in the day and when the news broke there was going to be a new miniseries I was excited and scared at the same time. Like many I was disappointed by the lack of closure that the original series provided. I Want To Believe was a decent movie, but since it was a standalone film it didn’t answer any of the lingering questions.

But now the series is back and will we get any answers to those lingering questions? Honestly I’m not holding my breath but let’s go in anyways. For those of you who haven’t seen the episode yet I will be going full spoilers on this. Note that this will be incomplete because I haven’t seen the full episode due to football running over and eating up over a third of my DVR recording. Also I’m going off stream of consciousness so I may get a few things wrong here and then. I’ll post a better review after I watch the whole thing.

The episode begins with a monologue from Mulder, detailing a brief overview of his past and the time at the FBI with the X-Files. During this monologue we get to see the infamous Roswell crash which helped begin a culture of aliens. For some reason this scene is juxtaposed with Mulder wondering if we’ll ever know about aliens. Even though he’s met them quite a few times during the series and that one trip to Anarctica…

We then skip to the present day where Scully is still actively practicing medicine. She receives a call from AD Skinner because he wants to get in touch with Mulder. Mulder is out hiding away somewhere because presumably someone is still wanting him dead. Skinner wants them to talk to Tad O’Malley, an internet personality who’s quite heavy and vocal on the conspiracy channels.

Mulder and Scully meet up in downtown DC and apparently it’s been sometime since they’ve seen each other. Why? Well for some reason they broke up in between I Want To Believe and the miniseries. Why did they break up? Probably to create some artificial conflict using a really old cliche. O’Malley pulls up in a limo and offers them a ride because he wants them to meet someone.

Driving out to the middle of nowhere Virginia they meet Sveta, a young woman who claims to be a multiple abductee and has met Mulder before when she was a young child. Sveta also claims to have alien DNA in her to which he asks Scully to investigate. Scully takes Sveta back to her hospital to gather samples for DNA testing. During this time Sveta displays limited psychic ability by telling Scully some things from the painfully obvious to some legit secrets when she mentions their son.

Switching back to Mulder O’Malley swings by somewhere (It’s unclear if this is Mulder’s home or if he never left Sveta’s.) with a helicopter to take Mulder somewhere where a few of his friends have been working on a thing. Being bagged Mulder is taken to an unknown location where some scientists have been working on a replica of an alien craft. Astoundingly it works as it manages to fly freely above the ground and manages to disappear with a claimed gravity warp drive. (You could have fooled me that it was just cloaking, but I guess that’d be too pedestrian.) Mulder is impressed at the display.

At the hospital Scully is getting her own blood sample taken when O’Malley buzzes into to talk with her about the past and her current work at the hospital. During this time Mulder visits Sveta again as he feels she wasn’t entirely truthful during their earlier interview. She admits that while her abductions were real it wasn’t aliens she encountered but rather men.

Shaken by this Mulder calls Scully wondering aloud if there actually wasn’t an alien conspiracy all this time which kinda goes against things in the series where it was actively shown and said that the human conspirators were working with aliens in order to prepare for an alien colonization. He decides to head to the FBI Headquarters and meets up with Skinner to return to where everything began with the X-Files.

However the old office has been, strangely to Skinner’s surprise, torn down and emptied with only the old beloved I Want To Believe poster remaining.¬†Mulder gets pissed believing he’s been led to find nothing and after lamenting the direction of America after 9/11 Skinner begs Mulder to do something.

Back at the hospital Scully gets the results of the blood tests back and after seeing something strange asks for them to be ran again. Mulder awaits an old man in National Mall waiting to talk to him.

About here is where my recording got cut off. So how do I feel about everything so far? Honestly this is a rather disjointed episode. It’s nice to see the old cast back and while the acting is solid it’s kind of hurt because it jumps from idea to idea, from scene to scene with a weird sort of editing. While it may be addressed down the road the idea that the entire conspiracy of the ages may have nothing to do with aliens is honestly a bit of a slap in the face considering previous episodes.

However for now I’ll tread on and reserve judgment until the end. Supposedly the next episode after this is a lot better. After all these years I still don’t think I’m gonna get the answers I want, but at the very least I’ll get to have one more fun with with some old friends.

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