Fitness for U

I’m horrible at exercising. I mean like I have a really really bad track record of staying in shape. Unfortunately I’m an object that likes to stay at rest which has done little for my girlish figure. Even more unfortunate is that my exercising options are generally quite limited. While there’s an exercise bike in the house that means staying in one place perpetually pedaling which is pretty damn boring to me. Attempting to engage my interest with TV, music or even vidjya games has done little to help keep me on the bike.

A gym is pretty much out of the question since I’m in the middle of nowhere so a membership would go to waste. For a time it seemed I was doomed to keep up my imitation of a balloon. One day while chatting with my buddy Trey on Twitter I happened upon a fantastic deal; Wii Fit U for only $20 from Nintendo’s official website. An absolute steal considering I’ve still seen it for $50 in store and even Amazon only offers it for $26.95. Hoping to invigorate my workout in a desperate struggle to shed some pounds I put that package on order.

Several weeks later after waiting for shipping and some minor setbacks concerning my Balance Board I was ready to begin. The goal was simple, lose some of the dreaded weight and start looking better and living better. If you’re not familiar with Wii Fit essentially it’s a collection of exercises and mini games designed to get you engaged in activity. While personally I’m mostly using it for weight loss the game also includes exercises for yoga, aerobics and strength training if you like to focus on other things.

The nice thing about Wii Fit U is that I can do it all entirely from the comfort of my own room. Working second shift I have a bit of an odd schedule; more so because I’m a terrible night owl who stays up way too late. Sadly I don’t have a HDTV in my room, but thanks to the Wii U GamePad and a little cardboard stand I can just roll everything in here and workout to my heart’s content.

I like to warm up a bit with some yoga stretches. Proper stretching is important and I need to stretch my muscles more than most. From there I head into various aerobics and balance games to get myself sweating. Generally I bounce around between a few exercises I prefer, step aerobics, boxing, running. Sadly I can’t get the full Fit U experience since I only own one MotionPlus accessory which means I get locked out of the Dancing section of the game. Even more sad since I’m a beautiful dancer. Maybe.

Fit U also comes with an added pedometer which counts your steps, tracks your calories and your altitude and even seemingly keeps track of the local temperature too. I’m not sure how much I believe that I’m burning 600+ calories a day just walking 7,000 steps. Right now I’ve only started working into a vigorous routine, but hopefully in the days to come I can watch the waist waste away.